Analog and digital marketing.

Our 360° service to build with you an effective communication on all fronts.

At Teraplan we do believe that there’s no one-size-fits-all to B2B lead generation and it’s never been more important for businesses and marketers to use multiple channels to maximise their online lead generation efforts.

With 80% of purchase decisions starting online, it’s crucial that your lead generation strategy and website are optimized to attract visitors (inbound subscribers), turn visitors into leads (MQL-SQL nurturing) and ultimately into customers.

A Teraplan B2B multichannel lead strategy utilize everything from blogs to email and social media, to funnel visitors to your website where they can research, evaluate and purchase. To be truly effective in creating leads for your business, your website will need great design and useful information, as well as clear calls-to-action, content offers with forms to capture leads.

Sometimes, organic search provides you with a decent return on your investment and we can help you to develop and manage a long term B2B strategy. Other times, paid ads are more successful. With a multi-channel campaign, you use different marketing methods for different purposes and tailor contents to better fit specific channel benefits.

Teraplan is here to wisely tune the recipe for an effective multichannel lead generation campaign.


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