Analog and digital marketing.

Our 360° service to build with you an effective communication on all fronts.

Digital marketing


Multichannel Lead Generation

At Teraplan we do believe that there’s no one-size-fits-all to B2B lead generation and it’s never been more important for businesses and marketers to use multiple channels to maximise their

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Digital Brand Awareness and Brand Identity

The development and a clear identification of your brand in the digital market is definitely not just about keyword SEO stuffing.

Digital content marketing is the tool to achieve a solid

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Account Based Marketing

Teraplan’s sales expertise in the ICT and technology market is beneficial when the goal is to develop programs to address specific customers.

Account-based marketing (ABM) is an alternative B2B strategy that

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Sales & Marketing Automation

Teraplan is a key partner for businesses of any size that want to lead sales and marketing digital transformation leveraging marketing automation technologies.

Companies wishing to develop an integrated Digital Marketing

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Inbound & Outbound Management

Teraplan offers an Inbound and Outbound blended Contact Center solution and related services.

We provide integrated multi-channel customer engagement tools and run the engagement services on your behalf. We do have

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Training activity in a company

In business dynamics, the correct interchange between departments is essential for business growth. For this reason, the training courses are aimed at people belonging to marketing

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Direct marketing


CRM & MKTG DB maintenance

Our MKTG and CRM database maintenance services are aa set of tasks that both the sales and marketing team perform with the intention to improve their database integrity.

Over time, the

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Telemarketing and outbound processes

Teraplan manages the telephone like any other engagement channel as it is a powerful business tool. Small businesses and larger corporations all use it to their advantage. Telemarketing is the

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BTL, gadgets and branded merchandising

Teraplan provides complete support for his customer’s marketing and trade event participation needs. Apart from producing brand based marketing collaterals, we also provide production support for other corporate gift ideas ranging

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Events and Roadshows

Teraplan manages the entire organization of field events and roadshows providing creativity, locations and end to end service delivery.

Teraplan also define events as good “landing platforms” of a digital

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Booths and Exhibitions

We can manage on your behalf a fully outsourced service for the design and building of exceptional trade show exhibits to make your company stand out the crowd.


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Channel marketing


Development, Recruitment and Training

Most ICT players rely on their indirect sales channels to achieve sales targets and fulfill customer needs. At Teraplan we know that the correct partner selection and recruitment is crucial

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Marketing programs management

We design, develop and execute partner and alliance programs for the ICT market or any business strategy that ICT vendors can use to encourage corporate resellers, value-added resellers (VARs), systems

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Multi brand co-marketing

The Go To Market model of many ICT leaders leverages the collaboration with other leading brands and partners. More and more marketing programs are designed to host co-marketing fellows.


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Lead e demand generation

We can bring the expertise developed with leading brands to your channel partners igniting their sales with local and geo located campaign that, leveraging for example the corporate umbrella campaign

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Content marketing


Content creation and curation

Contents are critical assets to deploy an effective digital marketing campaign and even more we can say that contents are the king of modern digital marketing, indispensable pieces of knowledge

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Marketing collaterals, blue prints and white papers mastering and localization

When your ICT services, solutions or products have to become a great collateral just call Teraplan.
We have the in house expertise to get the insights of your innovative products

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Video case histories, case studies and customer testimonials

When your ICT services, solutions or products have been deployed in the market and your customers are willing to become your testimonials it’s time to call Teraplan. We can easily

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ICT technical translations and localization

Teraplan can support you in the translation and localization of any ICT and technical contents with the ability to understand the technical features and provide best result.

At Teraplan we understand

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Creation and selection of technical contents

Teraplan can support you in the creation of technical contents of ICT products, solutions, services and applications. Teraplan knowledge about Cloud, IOT, Big Data, In Memory ERP is leveraged to

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Custom market data research in the ICT market

Leveraging our in house ICT market knowledge and telemarketing outbound services we can help you to better understand business opportunities or develop custom market research in specific vertical markets.


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