Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new area of interest for a series of applications capable to acquire information from the increasingly numerous “intelligent” objects connected to the network.

From domotics to onboard sensors installed into vehicles such as the cars, this new technology makes it possible to connect different areas for different purposes, such as managing fleets of commercial vehicles or operating machineries, automating logistics and warehouses, making home systems more efficient, improve the consumer experience in physical stores and much more.

Even in marketing, the IoT can play a significant role, dramatically increasing the accuracy with which users are profiled through the analysis of their specific behaviors, the knowledge of their location in the real world and even the status of wearable devices they use.

Somehow, the IoT extends some already available functionalities embedded into mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets) to allow the implementation of new tools and marketing channels aimed not only to attract people but also to predict even their needs in order to present personalized proposals according to the different contexts and the needs that may arise into these contexts.

Having had the opportunity to deepen these issues by collaborating with some important firms, Teraplan can boast a “cultural attitude” open also on this front, so as to face in the best way the constant change that assigns a leading role to most visionary and forward-looking companies.