Information and Communications Technology

From the point of view of education, professional background and previous experiences, most of the Teraplan team comes from the world of information technology (ICT) or from the marketing area within ICT companies.

The good familiarity with the themes of information technologies is not only a sort of “glue” that defines a common culture among the people who work in Teraplan, but it is also a good starting point in order to face with promptness and an open attitude the problems of digital marketing or the automation – including their most recent developments such as mobility and the IoT.

Teraplan’s major customers are ICT companies as well, on the one hand because there is a common background, on the other hand because a strongly technological approach is perhaps better understood and appreciated by companies that put technology at the core of their business.

In Teraplan there are also specialists in events, tradeshows and telemarketing, as well as in the education area; anyway, the coexistence of the different skills is energetic and inspiring, as well as being able to determine a continuous transfer of experiences – but always in context of the most advanced technology.