You set the goal.
We plan the moves.

Here are some of the targets we can help you achieve by applying our digital marketing and analog marketing strategies.

maintain my sales (CRM) and mktg contacts (MKTG DB)

If your company invests in marketing activities to generate marketing qualified and sales leads your next step to save your marketing development funds investment should be keep your marketing data base up to date and clean. Teraplan is offering a fully outsourced and customized service to clean up your marketing DB and set up the procedures to automate the process for next time and enhance your lead intelligence. This marketing cleaning process becomes more than ever relevant with the upcoming deadline of EU GDPR Regulation on 25th on May, 2018.

Your sales contacts in the CRM (Sales Qualified Leads and Customers) and your contacts in the MARKETING DB (Subscribers and MQL) will have to be constantly monitored and updated. Teraplan can help you to set the up this best practice and keep you compliant with new EU GDPR regulation.


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