You set the goal.
We plan the moves.

Here are some of the targets we can help you achieve by applying our digital marketing and analog marketing strategies.

deliver events and roadshows

Events and roadshows, if well organized, are a fast, flexible and cost-effective way of generating new business.

Teraplan is experienced to organize and deploy events and roadshows. For example, we are used to embed an event in a quarterly marketing plan as a great landing platform to meet your marketing leads after a digital multichannel content marketing campaign. We do believe that events are still an effective sales and marketing tool. Whether your business is interested in market development or boosting sales in existing markets, roadshows are a safe investment if you’re looking to gauge interest, collect enquiries and establish contacts.

If you are planning to organize an event or a roadshow, Teraplan can help you to achieve your goals and support you with a fully outsourced service.


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