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Red Hat Open Source Day

Red Hat entrusted Teraplan with the creation of a communication campaign for the acquisition of participants’ registrations in the annual “Red Hat Open Source Day” event. As a secondary goal, it was asked to create brand awareness and to communicate to the largest number of target companies.

Primary goal: Event promotion
Tipy: Multichannel communication campaign
When: 2014 Edition up to now
Where: ItaliY
Services: Copywriting, Concept and design, Digital ppc campaign

The strategy

The project is divided into a communication section made up of a website specifically created for the campaign, and a traffic generation section consisting of the activation, configuration and optimization of a Multi-Channel Digital Marketing campaign in order to involve the largest number of potential contacts interested in registering and participating in one of the venues of the event.


The website

A portal dedicated to the event was created to provide useful information – such as description, agenda, prizes and sponsorship – in order to show good quality material that was intended to create a stimulus for participation and to contain a registration form to which the interested parties coming from other channels could be addressed.


The communication campaign

All the communication activities were supported by a Marketing Automation platform that helped make marketing processes more efficient and effective. In fact, in addition to orchestrating the sending of communications on the various channels, it has also allowed a constant and continuous monitoring of the entire campaign which, thanks to the information provided by the platform about the performance achieved by the channels, was able to benefit from timely improvement actions.
The event was communicated by sending to the contacts already present in Red Hat’s Customer Base, a series of DEMs scheduled through predefined timelines and customized on the interests identified by their visits to the portal pages.
New contacts have been found instead by adopting a ‘social’ strategy with Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads to intercept the latent demand on specific interests.
In addition, the activation of Google AdWords Search Network and Google AdWords Display Network have allowed us to intercept respectively the aware demand – e.g. the target that has a need in line with the response we are giving – and users who are browsing on sites and portals regarding the Open Source theme.
To generate further interest, 2 posts per day have been published on the Red Hat Facebook page (also managed by Teraplan) and a Remarketing platform was used in order to re-propose messages during the two months of the communication campaign.



Since 2014 Teraplan has been actively contributing to the success of the Red Hat Open Source Day event.
In the last edition of 2017, 1500 people attended in Milan, and in Rome there were 2500 participants: an increase of about 100% compared to the first edition that attracted 700 people in Milan and 1400 in Rome respectively.