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PMI Semplice

Pmi Semplice is a co-marketing project involving SAP and INTEL for storytelling about use cases that demonstrate the simplicity and effectiveness of SAP Business One and the ease of use of mobile clients that support the 2in1 architecture and which adopt Intel technologies.

Primary goal: Lead generation
Type: Content Marketing
When: February 2016 up to now
Where: Italiy
Services: Software development, Concept and design, Digital ppc campaign, Copywriting, Email marketing

Marketing goals

Teraplan has conceived, designed and implemented the Pmi Semplice portal to meet various needs such as the identification of new target contacts and the possibility of creating a marketing platform that could offer a service to partners, who typically have the need to invest minimum resources in marketing activities.


The idea

This is how Pmi Semplice was born: a vertical portal dedicated to simplifying SMEs which, thanks to the support of the partners involved by SAP and Intel, has allowed Teraplan to tell different stories and create articles that describe case studies and give updated information about specific vertical areas such as retail, transports and logistics.



The campaign received an excellent feedback from the subjects involved both thanks to the contents and the management of the project and thanks to the results achieved.

Teraplan has supervised the entire production chain, from the concept design to the BANT methodology for contacts qualification, succeeding in increasing by 25% the number of contacts generated with previous campaigns.