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Open Source Affidabile

Red Hat has chosen to rely on Teraplan for the creation of a new lead generation campaign aimed at raising users’ awareness about the advantages offered by Red Hat on open source products. As a secondary goal, it was asked to create brand awareness and to communicate to the largest number of target companies.
Reliability as an added value for your company: (the site has been active only temporarily during the campaign)

Primary goal: Lead generation
Type: Multichannel communication campaign
When: June-July 2016
Where: Italy
Services: Copywriting, Web design, Web development, Concept and design, Digital ppc campaign

The strategy

The project includes a communication section made up by a website specifically created for the campaign and a traffic generation section consisting of the activation, configuration and optimization of multiple paid channels. The entire project, from the basic strategy to the setting up and the production of all required contents, was carried out by Teraplan people who provided continuous updates to the client, who in turn was able to evaluate and validate the birth and the realization of the whole project.


The wWebsite

For the realization of the website, Teraplan has followed Red Hat’s corporate guidelines about the communication, anyway producing an original layout. The whole site has been designed from the beginning with responsive techniques (in order to be navigable by different devices with different form-factors: smartphones, tablets and PCs) because of the importance that mobile traffic has now assumed also in Italy. From the contents point of view of, the site also presents a page dedicated to each of the four products selected by the customer. Naturally, having in mind the final goal, the user of the site can easily find on each page a contact form in order to obtain further information directly by Red Hat.



The communication campaign

The target audience of this campaign was a very specific niche and to reach it we activated several selected channels based on different considerations (spread, selection criteria, efficiency, etc.). We have communicated basing upon both third-party databases and customer’s database via email (DEM channel), we have activated ads on the AdWords search network (aware demand) and on the display network through AdWords and Facebook Adv (latent demand). Finally, to increase the effectiveness of the project, we have also activated a retargeting campaign. Everything has been integrated into a marketing automation platform that has worked as a collector of information and a call-to-action control center for site forms.



We have generated results in line with customer’s expectations with a generated lead cost which was 50% lower than the cost of other traditional campaigns carried out in the past.