Marketing campaigns are not always and only aimed at selling: sometimes they are preparatory to commercial activities in the sense that they “prepare” potential customers by letting them discover a need, by deepening its critical aspects and by suggesting possible solutions. Much of the content conveyed to the public through the different channels, goes in this direction: that, in fact, to inform and educate.

But there is not only this aspect to keep in mind: if on the one hand sometimes the “real” training activities must be pushed through marketing campaigns, on the other hand, for a company, the world of education in the classic sense of the term can be a powerful marketing channel as well as a brand promotion channel.

In short: if on the one hand those who sell training services (like any other business) need to be known, on the other hand, many market players (e.g. in the hi-tech market sector) offer their products at extremely favorable conditions to those who use these products for educational activities.

Among these two needs, in a certain way complementary, Teraplan’s competences include good connections with the world of institutional education, the ability not only to promote, but also to provide training initiatives and the skills necessary to organize promotional activities that use the education themes as a vehicle for marketing communication.